Our Portfolio

Adapttech - Headquartered in Birmingham, UK
Co-investor: Mercia Technologies (UK)
Smart-Prosthetic Fitting solution, using a laser scanner to map the inner surface of the socket and a wearable interface to gather pressure and temperature data.

SolasCure - Headquartered in Cardiff, Wales.
Co-investors: BRAIN (Germany) and others.
Low-cost and painless debridement for wound-care management.

Performetric - Headquartered in Braga, Portugal.
Co-investor: EggNest
Enterprise software to detect mental fatigue. Currently, main clients are Call Centers and eSports teams.

Delox - Headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal
Developing a solid hydrogen-peroxide formulation ("dryVHP") suitable for building simple and affordable sterilization devices for descontamination of hospitals, laboratories and facilities in the food industry.
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