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Delox: a unique technology for bio-decontamination and a new company in Hovione Capital’s portfolio.

22 . Jun . 2018
Hovione Capital announces an investment in Delox, a spin-off from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, which has developed an innovative, proprietary, solid hydrogen peroxide formulation technology enabling highly effective and affordable biodecontamination.

Worldwide, hospital-acquired infections still cause hundreds of thousands of deaths per year. Until now, Hospitals and other medical facilities have to make a choice regarding decontamination: either the system is effective or is a low-cost one. Could both these needs be met simultaneously?

Fortunately, Delox’s novel hydrogen-peroxide formulation, aims to achieve an affordable breakthrough that enables biocontamination to be routinely available everywhere. Additionally, Delox has a patented portable device that brings to the market an alternative to the large, expensive machines, that perform decontamination.

Hydrogen peroxide is a well-known sterilizer in the decontamination market, but what Delox is developing is a new approach to microbial sterilization that can be applied not only to medical spaces, but also to several other different situations.

What if biodefense and aerospace industries could be self-sufficient regarding their own sterilization needs? In 2017, Delox won 3 prizes and a 2nd place at Space Exploration Masters by the European Space Agency, Merck and Airbus.

The team is composed by two University Professors and two Researchers: Professor Fernando Antunes, a biochemical engineer and Professor João Pires da Silva, a chemical engineer; Fadhil Musa, a master in biochemistry, redox biology and biomaterials and Raquel Nogueira, a microbiology engineer.

Hovione Capital co-invested in this company with Caixa Capital, the venture capital arm of the Portuguese national bank Caixa Geral de Depósitos.
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