About us

Hovione Capital was founded in 2015 by the shareholders of Hovione, an International Pharmaceutical Industrial Group with manufacturing sites in the USA, Ireland, China and Portugal.

We invest in life sciences’ projects, with a particular focus on Therapeutics, MedTech and Digital Health.

We invest primarily in Europe, looking for opportunities in Academia, Biotech, and Pharmaceutical companies. 
We actively manage our assets, working closely with our entrepreneurs and capitalizing on the significant experience of our company’s resources – technical staff, advisors and partners – to add operational, strategic and financial value.

Before investing, we perform a rigorous and extensive due diligence to each project, not only to identify possible shortcomings but also to provide feedback to entrepreneurs and help them strengthen their product-development roadmap.

At Hovione Capital we add value through our in-depth knowledge of the Healthcare sector, and also capitalize on our shareholders’ experience, who have successfully built a 60-year-old sustainable multi-million dollar business in the pharmaceutical industry.

At Hovione Capital, we additionally capitalize on 20 years of deep expertise and track record developing and successfully launching market-leading medical devices. Our team has built an innovative inhalation-device technology company, Hovione Technology, and has been behind the first market approved, disposable, dry powder inhaler in the world, developed for Daiichi-Sankyo, for influenza-drug delivery in Japan. This has resulted in millions of patients being treated every year with our device technology and a strong intellectual property monetization business.

Hovione Capital is a financial institution supervised and regulated by the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM registration number 128120). Our company complies with the Alternative Investment Fund Management European Directive (AIFM Directive).

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