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Hovione Capital is a privately held Asset Management company especializing in the Healthcare sector. As a venture capital investor, we especialize in identifying and investing in high-potential seed/early-stage investment opportunities that provide medical device, medical technology, diagnostic, chronic disease monitoring, IT-integration opportunities. The projects Hovione Capital is looking for benefit from patented differentiating technologies, which are directly scalable and address the global market. Leveraging on existing economies of scope, we are particularly interested in information rich m-health, medical device and medical technology projects, that address and provide measurable benefits to patients, caretakers, caregivers, as well as reimbursement and health care systems.

Founded in May 2015, Hovione Capital presently manages EUR 5 million in assets, from an important set of business partners and industrial investors.

Our operation is based on the active management of our assets, supervising closely our investments, while capitalizing on the significant experience of our company’s resources – technical staff, managers and partners – to add operational, strategic and financial value and ultimately economic value.

Our objective is to reach higher-than-stock market returns on investment, through a careful and effective identification, development and Project supervision. At Hovione Capital we believe to add value through our in depth Healthcare and Life Sciences sector and our manager’s experience, who have successfully built 55 year-old sustainable multi-million dollar businesses, in the pharmaceutical industry and have successfully launched market leading medical devices.

Hovione Capital is held exclusively by its management team. Consequently, we follow a mid/long term success strategy, promoting lasting and stable relationships with our counterparts – investors, supervisory bodies and partners. Our total independence, not only from the institutional financial market (banks and financial groups) but also from the Healthcare sector in general, ensures the perfect alignment between Hovione Capital’s goals and its investors.

Hovione Capital is a financial institution authorized, supervised and regulated by the respective Portuguese governing and competent authorities (CMVM registration number 128120). Our company complies with the Alternative Investment Fund Management European Directive (AIFM Directive), and can assert to the responsibilities assigned therein.

  Hovione Capital has voluntarily adopted the most demanding Code of Conduct of Invest Europe, of which Hovione Capital is now a member.

This code of conduct defines the Best Practices for Venture Capital firms in European and has been adopted by other experienced venture capital operators, like Armilar Venture Partners, Pathena, Portugal Ventures and Caixa Capital, at a domestic level, as well as internationally.